How to Put Up a Good Fight Against Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin DBasking under the sun may not be enough to get all the vitamin D you need to avoid debilitating diseases as you age. Statistically speaking, over 40% of Americans suffer from vitamin D deficiency, consequently increasing their vulnerability of contracting diseases such as depression, obesity, osteoporosis and varying types of cancers.

The problem is, a lot of adults don’t realize that they are suffering from this condition, making early prevention of diseases far from being easy. With high blood pressure and sleepiness being a common symptom, nobody really suspects that they need to load up on their vitamin D intake. Therefore, if you are experiencing some of these symptoms, you should not take it too lightly. Below are some tips that can help you source out this very important vitamin:

Cheese Up

If cheese is your comfort food, you can definitely find delight in the idea that ricotta cheese, unlike other types of cheese, is rich in vitamin D. Pair it up with strawberries and blueberries and you will absolutely be able to take your health level up a notch.

Drink Milk

Rich in calcium and fortified with up to 400 IUs in a 400-ounce glass, milk is essential in any diet. So if you think your baby is the only one who deserves a cup, you might have to rethink raising a toast to good health.

Savor the Yolk

Afraid of egg yolks? You don’t have to be. In contrary to popular belief, eggs are not only a rich source of vitamin as the fats found in it will not make your cholesterol levels peak up.

Buy Canned Tuna

Canned tuna is the go-to food of people who have no time to cook. Delicious and healthy, it can surely satisfy your cravings. Plus, about 8 ounces of tuna contains 300 IUs of vitamin D. How cool is that?

Be a Liver Lover

We’re not talking about just any kind of liver. Beef liver is a must in every meal plan as it is rich in so many vitamins (vitamin D included) and it has a mild taste that will leave you begging for more.

Grow Some Mushroom

If you love eating pasta, it may be wiser to add in more mushroom the next time you cook. Not only are mushrooms tasty, but they are also jam-packed with vitamin D. Not to mention, some canned mushroom brands have higher levels of this vitamin because of the mushroom’s exposure to sunlight.

Include Salmon in Your Diet

Popular for its omega 3 content, salmon is not only a good source of this heart-friendly nutrient. In fact, it is also rich in vitamin D and lean protein, which are both essential for your body to function optimally. So if you think fish should be out of your menu, think again. Serving this once a week is actually enough to keep you loaded with vitamin D.

Lastly, Read Labels

Not fond of reading labels? Well, you are not alone in committing one of the most major mistakes most consumers make. But the next time you are out for grocery, make sure that you are vigilant in reading the nutritional content of the goods you buy. Most cereals, yogurts and juices are now fortified with vitamin D, and the IU level you get can vary from one brand to another.

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