Packaging Tips for Doing One Night Air Freight Service

When it comes to air freight forwarders, there are a lot of services options that we can freely choose. However, overnight services become one of the most favorite ones that mostly picked by shippers. This service will ship your goods only in overnight. For that reason, if you need to transport your package immediately, this service is all you need. However, as using overnight service, a good packaging is required to make the process simpler and quicker. Here are some tips as doing packaging for overnight air freight.


How to Pack Your Goods for Air Freight Forwarders?

1. Use The Right Box

Similar to other shipping processes, you also need to wrap your goods in the locked box, envelope, or shipping bag for overnight air freight. If you want to use an envelope for the documents, you can use the bigger or colorful one to make it visible. Meanwhile, if you need to use the box, for getting the maximum flight, make sure each box weights are not over than 70lbs.

2. Bring your ID

As doing shipment using air freight forwarders, your package may be checked and x-rayed by the security. Therefore, make sure to bring your ID to make the verification process faster.

3. Check the package

Before choosing overnight services, make sure your package is in fine condition. Check it over and over again and make sure it is free of water, spill, and others.

4. Check the name and address

To avoid the package is received by the wrong recipient, checking the name and address of the recipient is the important thing. Make sure you write her/his name, address, and contact on the outside of the envelope, shipping bag, or box.

Why Choosing Overnight Air Freight?

There are a lot of reasons why one-night air freight service becomes the best thing to go. You can get several benefits that other services or shipments cannot provide.

1. Faster

Due to its speed, air freight especially its overnight services surely cannot be doubted anymore. If you need the fastest shipment, one-night air freight forwarder is all you need. You can ship your goods to other countries or continents only in one night, and it will arrive in the next day.

2. Secure

Besides the speed factor, using one-night, air freight services also offer your safer shipping process. The longer your package takes in the shipping process, the bigger the chance is your package being or damaged.

3. No delay

Unlike other services, every air freight forwarders certainly offer the best services for its one-night air freight. They surely choose the best airplanes and schedule for your package. For that reason, you do need to worry that your package will have delay delivery. They will make sure your items being delivered on time and to the right destination.

Choosing overnight air freight services may cost you more money than the regular service. However, the price cannot lie and show its quality. It may cost higher, but your goods can be delivered on time and safer to the right destinations. As using this service, make sure to pack your products correctly to make the shipping process simpler.

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