Vacation Fitness Guide for Your Health

Vacation in today’s world is seen as a way far from the madding crowd and workplace stress. But as more and more people are indulging in taking a vacation to seek relief from their day to day agony of a stressful life a new concept is fast emerging which is being called by the name vacation fitness.

Vacation Fitness

Planning a vacation in advance is what people generally do but the point here is are you fit enough to head out? There’s much more to a relaxing holiday than credit cards, flight tickets, fancy hotels, and sunscreen. We will try to outline some important facts about vacation fitness that you should keep in mind before heading out.


If you are a regular smoker or your family has a history of heart diseases then you should take care while climbing steep inclines or hundreds of stairs at a hill station.

A prior health check is recommended before you leave home. We have taken the advice of consultant physicians on this matter and all of them advised travel if the results of the health check display good blood flow to the heart. They also suggested getting a normal stress test or negative angiogram.


This is a total no do on a vacation as an extra show of strength could mean a pulled hamstring that would confine you to the hotel bed and spoil everybody’s idea of a vacation.

Most of the people that we surveyed on this issue admitted that they had encountered this problem on one vacation or the other for instance, one of the surveyed persons said that he had pulled a muscle while trying to help the cabbie unload the baggage from the car at the hotel. Our panel of doctors feel that depending on your body shape and activity levels you can aggravate back problems if you suddenly try to lift heavy luggage.


You could be vacation un-fit if:

1. You get breathless climbing stairs at work or at home.

2. You have difficulty lifting things.

3. You need a massage to wade off the walk that you had taken.

Stay tuned for more on Vacation fitness as this might come in handy to keep your male ego intact at vacations.

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